DoneJS Contributors Meeting – 2018-06-22

Please add topics for discussion (and your status if you’re a contributor).

Live stream:

Last two weeks:

Next two weeks:

  • Finish can-bind and can-component
  • Release CanJS 4.3

Last Two Weeks:

Next Week:

  • CanJS 5.0



  • can-route-pushstate export
  • final builds

Last two Weeks

  • Finished upgrading apps to canjs 5@pre.
  • Got tree-shaking working with steal@pre.
  • Webpack compatibility for canjs.
  • Created the can.mjs build.

Next Week

  • Figuring out side-effectual packages.
  • Release canjs 5.0!

Last Week

  • Ylem (ReactViewModel) updates/bug fixes
  • Ylem Docs

Next Week

  • Ylem Advanced Docs
  • Ylem Release

Last two weeks:

  • improved output of can-migrate and some other small fixes for 3.0 and 4.0 codemods
  • improved registration for CanJS Devtools and integrated new JSON editor for ViewModels
  • worked on some training materials for CanJS 4.0 upgrades

Next two weeks:

  • finish training mateerials for CanJS 4.0 upgrades
  • help finish can-bind ?
  • help finish CanJS 5.0