How to change the radio button selection using funcUnit

I am trying to change the radio button selection using funcUnit.
To change the radio button selection I try to select the radio button element (which is not selected) and then generate a click event on the radio button to change the selection but its not working.
I am not sure if it the correct way of changing the selection of radio button in funcUnit.

Are you using F(selector).click()?

Please check the following example:

Yes, I was using F(selector).click() to change the selection

Could you please try the example I’ve shared.
Do you have anything different?
If possible please share an example?

The radio button is created using dhtmlxform control ( The radio buttons created using dhtmlx are bit different from usual . If you try inspect element you can see the difference.
In my scenario there is an “onChange” event attached to the radio button which doesn’t gets called if you try F(selector).click().