Can-connect: how to access SuperMap's Model store

I’ve created a Transaction supermodel using the DoneJS generator. If I’ve already retrieved a list of Transaction instances. How can I look up a Transaction instance from the store by id?

I see in the code for can/model that there is a store attribute that’s based off the constructor-store behavior. Is this not available for SuperMap?

Also, is can-connect hosted anywhere that I could use it in a jsbin?

Docs page has a jsbin

Instances are on|constructor-store.instanceStore.html

Thanks. I found my problem. I was trying to pass the id directly instead of providing an object with the id:


instead of


I wonder if we should support both, I would think get is oftened used to retrieve an item by id.

@matthewp I think that’s doable if idProp is set.

I have idProp set and it wasn’t working. I’ll look into to to see if it’s a bug.

it’s not designed to work that way. I was only trying to say that it could work that way if idProp was set

I see. Thanks for the clarification.