Can-stache-bindings and removeAttr

The documentation says, that using removeAttr let the change event and the attribute event be fired for can-maps.

Does the same happens, if the attribute is bound (one way!) to a parent compenent or - in other words - is a change event also fired for the attribute of the model of the parent compenent, to which the former property is bound to?

Suppose a binding like this: vm:someProperty:to="parentKey". Both attributes exist in the view models and I’m listening for events for parentKey in the parent component.

The whole set-up is somehow similar to this JSFiddle.

The parent’s value will be set to undefined, it will not be deleted.

Sorry for the late response, but according to my experiences and like it is shown in this fiddle, the parent value is left as it is. There is also - obviously in that case - no change event for the value in the parent component.

As a reminder: I’m using removeAttr for an attribute in a child component, which is bound (one way!) to an attribute in a parent component. This does not change the value of this attribute in the parent comp at all. Am I doing something wrong?

this smells like a bug. Can you create an issue in can-stache-bindings?

Sure and done.