Conditions for call of DefineMap.prototype.setup?

We are actually still updating CanJS in our projects from v2 to v3 and now to v4, so we want to get rid of the good old CanMap (not using .attr and define and stuff anymore). When trying to use DefineMap I could not see a call of setup.

But an important change like this (setup is abandoned in DefineMap) is not mentioned in the migration path document and this method is mentioned also in the discussion of the init topic.

So sorry for the maybe stupid question, but what am I doing wrong here?

You aren’t really doing anything wrong. Setup not working was a oversight while trying to optimize DefineMap. Can you use init instead?

I can make setup work if you create an issue.

Thanks for your answer. Using init works quite well. It is called synchronously, isn’t it?

We will check this thoroughly for our migration and might run into troubles, because init does not take any argument (right?).

So maybe we come back here later.