Create App from JSON-Schema

Hi, I am looking into done.js and if it might be a valuable addition to our stack.

To keep systems decoupled I would like to keep important app definitions in a json-schema file, like e.g. define used components and subcomponents that are needed in a client side app with a custom json-schema file that is loaded on app init.

Also form generation by json-schema is something I exoect to have in a toolset ready to go - with validation and a nice entrypoint for serverside validations.

Has done.js something that fits into this mindset of how to create and maintain modular apps?

Thanks for your attention!

Hello. Sorry about the long delay. You can certainly use a json schema that is loaded on app init, but I would make sure that JSON is built into the app, not loaded through a separate AJAX request.

Form generation by json-schema isn’t something that is built in. Generally, speaking, CanJS/DoneJS is design for anything, but has no-built-in widgets. As far as validation, you can use: