Discussion on importing CanJS

There’s two scenarios it seems that should to be considered when importing CanJS.

Scenario A:

I only need Component, and Map, so I do something like:

import CanMap from 'can/map/';
import Component from 'can/component/';

Scenario B:

I need some of the other CanJS tools, like can.batch along with the modules Map…etc

import can from 'can';

If a project has components that use both scenarios is it better to simply use scenario B all the time for consistency, or should you use a combination of both? Or is there a more efficient way to only import the utilities that you need?

I tend to import just what I need. This makes it so if you eventually change things (like going from can.Model to can.connect), you’re not importing things that aren’t needed. It means more code, but is worth it on projects that span years.