DoneJS Contributors Meeting - 2015 - 12 - 30



Last Week:

  • Hopefully finished 2.3.8
  • Started 2.3 Release Article

Next Week:

  • Evangelism Roadmap
  • 2.3 Release Article
  • 2.3.8
  • Update/Fix guide with new tech.

Things to talk about:

  • Release Article


Last Week:

  • Worked on bugs to get out 0.6.0
    • Handling clearTimeout in can-wait. [issue]
  • Hopefully releasing 0.6.0 tomorrow

Next Week

  • Work on evangelism, specifically an article about DoneJS’ server-side rendering solution, can-ssr.
  • Finish up sessions handling in can-ssr. [issue]
  • Create a StealJS roadmap.


Last Week:

  • Fixed #2069 (FF debugging functions conflicting with can.Map) and submitted PR

Next Week:

  • Discuss CanJS 3.0 features with Justin on 1/4
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Last week:

Started the work on can-define stuff

Next week
Implement setter feature for the new can-define


Working on setting up a Vagrant machine with linux and all the stuff needed to be ready for coding with donejs.
This will be relief for all the windows users out there.
Unfortunately Vagrant and Windows has some problems with symlinks. Symlinks are present in some doneJS dependencies. We cant use testee and doneJS cli. the user have to use yeoman as generator.
Todo: Talk to Matthew about the build with steal-tools

Documentation how to set up Vagrant and a working environment

Have to document how to set a working environment with Vagrant. Not using can-ssr. keep it simple.

  • http-server
  • gulp
  • maybe gulp-livereload
  • little sample app
  • build with steal-tools
  • testing with steal-qunit and funcunit

Youtube vidoes in german :wink:

would like to make some videos how to set up a working environment, coding some app with the PHP Framework Laravel and canJS / DoneJS as the flavor.
Youtube channel: wecanjs

Javascript Meetup

A meetup in Stuttgart (Germany), 13. Jan. maybe someone can help me with the presentation or the stuff i could talk about

improve can-connect

i created some issues on the can-connect repo
Todo: talk to justin about doing the improvements

@pYr0x I can give you access to the official CanJS channel. Lets chat about that.