DoneJS Contributors Meeting - 2016 - 01 - 20



Last Week:

  • HTML5 Chicago + DoneJS Training
  • PMO testing

Next Week:

  • Publish 2.3 article
  • Evangelism Roadmap
  • DoneJS training
  • Major branch


Last week

  • Working on can-define default value and Value (still not works)

Next week

  • Working can-define serializing


Last Week:

  • Finish up can-derive/can-binarytree documentation
  • Work on can-derive article

This week:

  • Work on can-derive article
  • Work on can-derive/CLTJS presentation

Next week:

  • Publish can-derive article


Last week:

  • Created and reviewed issue 2195 (Deprecate plugins that are no longer used)

This week:

  • Close #2195 as it’s already fixed
  • Add deprecation warnings for can.view.mustache and can.view.ejs. Create a new issue to track this


Last week:

  • Worked on place-my-order guide issues

This week: