DoneJS Contributors Meeting 2018-12-07

Please add topics for discussion (and your status if you’re a contributor).

Live stream at ~8:30 am Pacific:



  • can-stache-bindings documentation improvements

Last two weeks

  • Devtools Type Names
  • Devtools performance issues

Next two weeks

  • Devtools Panel


  • Devtools Type Names
  • Devtools Panel Prototype

Last couple weeks:

  • Followed up with survey participants
  • Fixed a bunch of broken/missing links on some of Bitovi’s top blog posts
  • Started working on redesigning the CanJS homepage

Next couple weeks:


  • CanJS value propositions / messaging

Last two weeks:

Next two weeks

  • Make the can-reflect.assignDeep fix works with can-define
  • Finish fixing can-define DefineMap set new prop undefined issue

Last Two Weeks:

  • docco documentation
  • linting
  • refactoring

Next Two Weeks:

  • docco documentation
  • bug fixing