Error load files in lasted version of steal

Hi all,

I got some errors when updating to new version of steal (current version is ^1.0.6). But if I use version ^0.16.21 then it works fine. Does someone know how to fix this?

  • Errors in console:
    GET localhost:8080/myhub.less.js 404 (Not Found)
    GET localhost:8080/myhub.less/index.js 404 (Not Found)
    Error loading “steal-exp@1.0.0#myhub.less” at http://localhost:8080/myhub.less.js
    Error loading “steal-exp@1.0.0#myhub.less” from “steal-exp@1.0.0#myhub” at localhost:8080/myhub.js
    Not Found: localhost:8080/myhub.less/index.js undefined

  • my files:

-> package.json
“name”: “steal-exp”,
“version”: “1.0.0”,
“description”: “steal exmple”,
“main”: “myhub.js”,
“scripts”: {
“test”: “echo “Error: no test specified” && exit 1”
“author”: “”,
“license”: “ISC”,
“dependencies”: {
“jquery”: “^3.1.1”,
“steal”: “^1.0.6”
“devDependencies”: {
“steal-tools”: “^1.0.1”

-> myhub.html

Hello World!

-> myhub.js
import $ from “jquery”;
import “./myhub.less”;


Goodbye script tags!


-> myhub.less
body h1 {
color: #2193C4;

pls read the breaking changes here

for your problem pls read


@pYr0x thanks u so much :))

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