Having issue with ejs helpers and latest version of can 2.2.5

Running the same text case as another member

// File:

// Failing test case
test('helpers', function () {
	can.EJS.Helpers.prototype.simpleHelper = function () {
		return 'Simple';
	can.EJS.Helpers.prototype.elementHelper = function () {
		return function (el) {
			el.innerHTML = 'Simple';
	var text = '<div><%= simpleHelper() %></div>';
	var compiled = new can.EJS({
		text: text

	equal(compiled, '<div>Simple</div>');
	text = '<div id="hookup" <%= elementHelper() %>></div>';
	compiled = new can.EJS({
		text: text

	can.append(can.$('#qunit-fixture'), can.view.frag(compiled));
	equal(can.$('#hookup')[0].innerHTML, 'Simple');

Output Of Above Code

<div id="hookup"  data-view-id='145'></div>  

What Im Expecting

<div id="hookup"  data-view-id='145'>Simple</div>

What version of jQuery are you using?

Justin, Hey whats up, So i’m using jQuery JavaScript Library v1.11.3.

Also is this failing for you in your automated test suite, this test case is from
canjs > ejs >testsuite. This test case when I executed is failing when I tried.

When I put below code in ejs file directly and load ejs using can.view("path-to-ejs") it works.

<div id="hookup" <%= elementHelper() %>></div>

I’m not sure what test you are talking about. Can you point to it in canjs’s github repo?

@justinbmeyer - The above test cases is working for you? @smoothlikejazz

Yes all EJS’s tests pass in master for me. We have CI setup so the tests are run every push.