How to create redirect url in canjs

Previously we are using canv2 whereas we have recently updated our application to canv3 so i am looking a way to redirect a user to another page after he click a button.

For example in canv2 in our click function we used:{
‘action’: ‘edit’,

but I am looking a way in v3, I have check can-route-pushstate it is open a page but the issue is its maintaining history and also URL in the browser does not change even it redirect to a new page
I have tried following examples but that didn’t work

route.replaceStateOnce(‘section’, ‘page’,‘action’);
route.attr( { section: “xxxxxxx”, page: ‘xxxxx’,action:‘create’ });{section: ‘merchandizing’,page:‘customers’,action:‘create’});

I am looking for similar way - history.pushState(’’,’’, ‘/’ + ‘xxxxxx’ + ‘/’ + ‘xxxxxxx’ + ‘/’ + ‘create’);

Does not work for you in 3.0? It should.

Hi its works where as the url in browser does not change. The page change to what is define in assign object but i also want the url should change.{
			'action': 'create',

it takes user to create page in abcd/efgh/create where as the url does not change and also when i click any of the url in navigation then create page of that url automatically open. I think it maintaining history or storing action in cache thats why action automatically append in all other urls.

Just an update for anyone else who runs into this issue: in DoneJS apps, done-autorender automatically calls route.start() for you, so you don’t need to do that (or set up your own in your app.