I dont know how to use this._super() in canJS

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Hi, I dont know how to use this._super() in controller is inherit its parent . who can give me some example?

I know it when learn it in https://canjs.com/docs/can.Construct.super.html . but i cann’t undertand it talk about?

Sorry about my stupid question!

You mentioned controllers, so I will assume you are referring to can.Control, with which you could do something like this:

var Parent = can.Control.extend({
  init(el, opts) {
    this.foo = 'bar';

var Child = Parent.extend({
  init(el, opts) {
    // call the parent to set `foo='bar'`
    this._super(el, opts);
    // more logic here

If you are using Components, the events object will be used to create a control, but _super() doesn’t really apply because you aren’t inheriting from another control (besides the internal ComponentControl).

If you are referring to a Component’s ViewModel as the controller, you can do the same type of thing with a Map constructor or any Construct.