I don't know why, but I like this ... (convert strings to other primitives)

The following takes what you type and tells you if you’ve typed number

(This is in 5.0, but works with minor adjustments in 3.0 and 4.0).

    import { Component, stache, stacheConverters } from "//unpkg.com/can@5/ecosystem.mjs";


        tag: "my-app",
        view: `
            <p>Enter a value: <input on:input:value:to="string-to-any(enteredValue)"/></p>
            <p>You've typed a(n) {{enteredType}}</p>
        ViewModel: {
            enteredValue: "any",
            get enteredType(){
                return typeof this.enteredValue;

string-to-any will convert something like:

  • “4.4” to 4.4
  • “true” to true
  • “NaN” to NaN
  • “null” to null
  • “undefined” to undefined

Handy …

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