IE11 "Access is denied" errors and broken production build routing

In IE 11, while developing we were getting Access Denied errors in traceur.js (or babel.js).
This turns out to being related to routing not working in production builds in IE11.
Kevin Phillips helped us out.

The core of the problem can be found here:

The solution is to install and use the latest version of core-js

npm install --save core-js
modify package.json under system

"meta": {
    "core-js/client/core": {
        "format": "amd"

Then in your main js file (probably app.js)
import 'core-js/client/core';


Thank you,

so the problem is on traceur or Babel?

Can we fix the problem in steal by our self?

It looks like it’s a problem with both traceur and babel. It’s their dependacies that are out of date. This is better answered by @phillipskevin though as he understands this issue better than I.