Looks Certainly NOT Just Another JS Framework

Got to look more closely, but my first impressions are really good. And if you can afford a few more hours to help developers decide if its’ worth their while to consider DoneJS or even switch to it from AngularJS or MeteorJS, then please:

  1. Provide us with a helpful, comprehensive-enough comparison between DoneJS vs. AngularJS (because DoneJS is MVVM) and MeteorJS (because DoneJS is real-time).

  2. Support Electron (electron.atom.io) - We’ve actually switched from NW.js to Electron and never looked back.

… And more power to you guys!

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Thanks! Electron is definitely in the pipeline. We’ve noticed that a lot of people using Meteor are interested in DoneJS so I’ll bring this up with the team (or they can respond here).

Awesome! I hope we’ll see frequent, regular updates that will make DoneJS an active, competitive framework.