Multiple server request with can-connect

I would like to ask how to do a multiple request to the server in DoneJS way using can-connect. In my previous project with CanJS I can do multiple server request using the pattern below:

return can.when(
   ( drivers, equipments, terminals ) => {
        // Logic here
       return mergeData({
          drivers: drivers,
          equipments: equipments,
          terminals: terminals
   }.bind( this )

I can’t seems to figure out on how to do it. Thanks

By the way i manage to find a work around.

return Promise.all([
]).then( ( values ) => {

   // The `mergeData` method is where to combine the three responseData and return a result
   return mergeData({
       drivers: values[ 0 ],
       equipments: values[ 1 ],
       terminals: [ 2 ]

Just want to ask again if this is the right way to do it if not what is the best practices/way to do it in DoneJS can-connect. Thanks again