ndjsonSteam Cancel

In the docs there is an example using ndjsonStream with fetch (below). I’m wondering if someone could inform me how/where to cancel the stream from the front-end? For example, if I have a dropdown that calls fetch on change, I don’t see where I could use reader.cancel() when the next fetch is made.

import ndjsonStream from "can-ndjson-stream";

fetch( "/some/endpoint" )  // make a fetch request to a NDJSON stream service
    .then( ( response ) => {
        return ndjsonStream( response.body ); //ndjsonStream parses the response.body
    } ).then( ( exampleStream ) => {

        //retain access to the reader so that you can cancel it
        const reader = exampleStream.getReader();
        let read;

        reader.read().then( read = ( result ) => {
            if ( result.done ) {
            console.log( result.value ); //logs {item:"first"}
            exampleStream.getReader().read().then( read );
        } );
    } );

hmmm … if you call cancel on the exampleStream, what happens?