No inserted event for component in JsFiddle (v2.3)

I’ve tried to create a playground for CanJS components. Yet I failed, because the inserted event isn’t fired although the components are appended to the document (the input field is just there for example), if I see the situation correctly.

I can point to my SO-Question here as well as to the fiddle.

My guess is, that I need to add an external dependency, so any CanJS file. Or am I doning smth. wrong in the code, especially regarding my use of promises? The same set-up works for me locally.


Hey @BairDev, I provided an answer on StackOverflow:

Basically I think you need to call the functions returned by can.stache, so

$('#can-bindings').append(can.stache('<search-comp />'));


$('#can-bindings').append(can.stache('<search-comp />')());