Place-my-order in-depth guide error


I’m giving I try to DoneJS and I like it indeed.

I am at my second guide place-my-order. Everything is very well documented. At the end, when it’s time to deploy,
the step Continuous Deployment works well except that on github, when I create the pull-request, I ending with an error on Travis CI :

place-my-order functional smoke test
  place-my-order main page shows up
    1) Page ./development.html not loaded in time!
    ✓ Title is set

1) QUnit "test.html" on Firefox 31.0.0 / Linux 0.0.0: place-my-order tests place-my-order functional smoke test 
place-my-order main page shows up Page ./development.html not loaded in time!:
 Error: Expected true but was false
applyCurrent/<@http://localhost:3996/node_modules/steal/steal.js line 5470 > Function:2194:4
anonymous/</</module.exports/<.assertOK@http://localhost:3996/node_modules/steal/steal.js line 5470 > 
 anonymous/</</FuncUnit._done/</timer<@http://localhost:3996/node_modules/steal/steal.js line 5470 > 

When I run this test on my machine, it goes well.

Any idea what goes wrong ?

Thank you.

Hi @dlusignan, It looks like Travis is using a very old version of Firefox.

I think there is an issue with installing the latest version of Firefox on Travis.

Can you try adding this line to your .travis.yml?

This is a version we know works well.

Thank you it’s the good solution.

Daniel Lusignan