Polymer vs CanJS

I haven’t ever taken any time to look at Polymer so perhaps my question is misguided or totally wrong.

I now have time again to focus on my front-end work again and a friend working at my previous employer, where they are still on Ember, mentioned that they are moving over to Polymer and that I should take a look at it.

Are these competing technologies?

Somehow I’ve always thought that Polymer was a the web-component only thing.

I can probably take a look at Polymer but I’d rather not if someone tells me: “don’t bother… use CanJS” :slight_smile:

Totally take a look at Polymer if it interests you. :smiley:

I haven’t used Polymer, but my understanding is that it is a library built on custom elements that handles a lot of what can-component and can-stache cover. We have played around with can-custom-elements for a similar purpose (I’m not sure what the status of that project is right now). It looks like they don’t support IE 9 or IE 10.

It looks like they have some routing and observable features as well, although their observables don’t seem as slick as can-define. I think they largely leave you to figure out how your app will communicate with an API/backend, which as you know is provided by can-connect in CanJS.

To me, it seems like they cover some but not all of CanJS’s feature set and don’t support as many browsers. If anyone reads this and checks it out, I’d be curious to hear what you think. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback Chasen.

Was mainly just curious since CanJS covers what I need and my current time constraints don’t allow me to take an in-depth look at anything else. :slight_smile:

Quite odd that Google has Angular and Polymer. In the meantime I have also looked into the differences and, as I suspected, Polymer is more focused on web components.

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