Puppeteer or this?

I don’t know how to test and therefore can’t be bothered to begin to judge.

DoneJS uses Testee for launching test pages and gathering test results. You can use puppeteer with Testee for testing using Headless Chrome: https://github.com/bitovi/testee/blob/master/README.md#chrome-headless.

The in-depth guide gives some info on testing in DoneJS: https://donejs.com/place-my-order.html#creating-a-unit-tested-view-model.

We’re also planning to write up a more comprehensive testing guide soon, so if there are specific things you’d like to see us cover, please let us know.

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Im sorry i was referring to funcunit, but its good enuf to hear that theres testee to come out on top

You can use Testee to launch funcunit tests also. That’s how DoneJS is set up.

I assumed theyre thematically equivalent.