Question about exclamation points

This might be a stupid question but I cannot figure an effective way to google it and have not been able to find the answer any other way. Maybe this is something that everyone else knows so please be kind.

What’s with the ! that I see in this code base?

e.g., index.less!less
or, package.json!npm

(I know that this is now handled automatically but it’s an example I remember.)

What does the exclamation point mean? Is this an idiom that exists elsewhere? Can you point me to documentation?


RequireJS used this first as far as I know. With steal it looks like:

require("index.less!less") -> require("MODULE!PLUGIN")

It means use PLUGIN to process the MODULE.

It could stand to be better documented here:

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Is it actually required? Since import “templates/header.stache”; works?

not if you have the steal-stache plugin properly configured.