Replacement for <%=object%>?

In ye olde days there was the <%=object%> tag in EJS to attach an object to a DOM element in the template, I cannot find the equivalent in stache. Or maybe I’m thinking wrong.

Here’s what I want to establish:

I’ve got a list of objects ‘Attribute’ that should be displayed/behave differently. A_Attribute is a class, B_Attribute is derived from A_Attribute, C_Attribute also, etc.

I was thinking I’d create a different control for every Attribute class:
AAttributeControl = Control.extend({…});
BAttributeControl = AttributeControl.extend({…})

In the overall AttributesControl I want to create a list and attach the correct control to the elements in the list

var attributes = [ new A_Attribute(), new B_Attribute(), new A_Attribute()];

    {{#foreach attributes}}
  • {{name}}
  • {{/foreach}}

and then something like:

$(‘li’).each( (i, elem) => {
var attribute = $(elem).instance(); // <- the old way
// attach the right controller to every li element
new attribute.control( elem ); // <- every attribute its own type controller

It’s the data helper in stache. Why are you doing things this way?

ah, thanks. Couldn’t find it in the docs.

I’m trying to find a way to handle classes and subclasses