[Solved] Question: "{{scope.vm.prop}}" v.s. "{{this.prop}}" v.s. "{{prop}}"

What is the difference between these three:

  • {{scope.vm.prop}}
  • {{this.prop}}
  • {{prop}}

Which is most explicit, and which do you think is most noob-friendly? Sometimes I’m afraid there might be some magic going on in CanJS because I don’t fully understand what it is doing behind the scenes, and I’d feel safer knowing I was explicitly referencing the view model or loop scope for instance.

If I wanted to be as explicit as possible, when would I use scope.vm, this, or just {{prop}} in for example the context of the root of a stache template, within an {{#if}}, and/or within an {{#each}}?

I know I can just use {{prop}} and CanJS will figure out what I mean for me, and the syntax will be more succinct, but I’d like to see what it looks and feels like to make everything explicit as possible.

stache’s docs and the TodoMVC guide have recently been updated to show {{this.prop}} most places. This is the syntax you should use.

Use {{for(of)}} instead of {{each}}

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