SSR (strategy:safe) doesn't show can-tag="loading-indicator"


Currently deployed to heroku, and SSR pages come down looking like this:

The loading HTML that comes down from SSR looks like that:

The loading HTML after reattachment looks like that:

The loading HTML (after reattachment) when switching pages looks like that:

I would want SSR pages to at least show the loading indicator like that:

Or better yet work like in development (on localhost with all the debugging stuff turned on) where it shows the actual data with all inputs and such disabled:

I’m not sure why it works as desired/expected on development localhost but is just a blank page on production heroku. Any ideas?


After switching to the pageComponent pattern (and some various other changes), the Loading... text indicator is now showing when the page is originally coming off SSR.

I’m still not sure why the behavior is different in development versus production, however, as in development it still shows the live data with inputs disabled. I would have expected to see the same SSR result in both production and development. Maybe it has something to do with the debug flags I’ve got turned on in dev?