Steal-sass 1.0.0 released

Just released the 1.0.0 version of steal-sass, you can find it on your npms.

steal-sass allows you to develop your styles using the Sass preprocessor syntax. To use all you have to do is install steal-sass:

npm install steal-sass --save

And then starting importing scss files:

import './styles.scss!';

steal-sass depends on Steal/StealTools >= 0.11.0. I wrote steal-sass a while back because some users really needed it, but now it’s been upgraded to support the build and can be used in server-side rendering with can-ssr.

One unique feature is that steal-sass (by the way of sass.js which is used under-the-hood) will render in a Web Worker in development mode. This means the compiling doesn’t block the UI like it does with less.


thank you for this, I use sass as a css preprocessor this helps so much :slight_smile:

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Glad to hear it, a lot of people have been requesting sass so I think it’s time we support it.


This is great. I think Bootstrap 4 is written using sass so this will definitely help developing canjs apps with that.