Transpile 0.9.3 and StealTools 0.12.2 released

Released new patch versions of Transpile and StealTools (Transpile comes with StealTools). Fixes include:

  • Better error reporting when there is an error transpiling during the build; now it will tell you the module that caused the error.
  • You can use template strings now and it will build correctly. Template strings are supported by all recent browser versions so you can do stuff like:
var name = "world";
console.log(`hello ${name}`);

Previously this would throw an error during the build. This now works with all formats. Only use if you are only supporting modern browsers.

Arg, one caveat is that Uglify doesn’t currently support template strings (and a lot of other ES6 features):

So this means you can’t use template strings if you plan on minifying your code :frowning: