Unable to load some can modules

I often don’t understand how steal is supposed to work

I’ve got these two files:
src/Company/Config.js and src/Company/Config/Component.js

Config.js starts with:
define([‘can-stache’, ‘./Config.stache’], function( stache, template ) {

which loads just fine

Component.js start with
define([‘can-control’, ‘…/Config’ ], function( Control, Config ) {

which results in an error-message:
GET http://localhost/configurator/can-control.js 404 (Not found)

Why?? What’s the difference?
Can anyone explain?

Probably you don’t have can-control installed in your package.json dependencies but can-stache is.

Yes, that was it, but then I still don’t understand. Doesn’t can-component itself use can-control? So when I have the higher-level module available, how come I don’t have the lower-level component?

@matthewp can probably give a better answer, but I don’t think Steal will register the dependencies of your dependencies, so you won’t be able to require them unless they’re in your package.json.

That’s right, you can only import dependencies you depend on.