What is the best way to clear a a textbox value using FuncUnit

I am trying to clear the text box using following ways:

  1. F(’#someID’).type(’’);
  2. F(’#someID’).type(’[ctrl][a][ctrl-up][delete]’);

But using either of these ways the result is sporadic. Sometime it clears the textbox and sometimes it doesn’t.
What is the best way to clear a textbox?


Have you tried .val()?

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@Mike_Mitchel Thanks for the information about the slack channel.

.val() gets the value from an element or waits until the val is a certain value.
In my case I need to clear whatever is set in the textbox and then type/set the value of the input box.
When I use type() for clearing or typing the value sometimes it clears and without clearing the textbox it types.
When using .val() it will just ensure to add wait until the textbox val is certain value but will not set the value.
Is there anyway which will ensure the value is changed?