When i want load google.com inside iframe i have problem : CORS protection

i want load google.com in iframe , and start funcunit test on that
but i have errors !
we have CORS protection , so i created reverse proxy with docker and nginx , and i set some header proxy
but also i have problem

1)i run nginx inside docker

2)then i config nginx.conf

3)and i run google reverse proxy successfully

  1. i went to intellij idea and changed iframe via my google proxy server ip and port

  2. and then i commented funcunit tests else just for one test

6)and finally i launched run test

i use nginx inside docker (my reverse proxy) :

unzip this file https://files.gitter.im/bitovi/funcunit/8wQX/nginx-google-docker.rar

  1. and inside the folder
  2. enter these instruction :slightly_smiling_face:
  3. docker build -t nginx-google-docker-image-v1 .
    after image build then need to run with step 4)
    4)docker run --restart always -d -p 8001:8001/tcp -p 8081:8081/tcp -p 8086:8086/tcp -p 8886:8886/tcp --name nginx-google-docker nginx-google-docker-image-v1

The problem here is that the hosted HTML and JS files are not the same__domain__ as where google is proxied.

I’m not sure how to do this with nginx, but it’s typically possible to mount the proxy under one folder and static assets under another.

For example, the proxy could be under localhost:63342/proxy and all the HTML and static assets under localhost:63342/static.

Here’s some docs on how to setup a reverse proxy mounted under a particular path: https://docs.nginx.com/nginx/admin-guide/web-server/reverse-proxy/

location /some/path/ {
    proxy_pass http://www.example.com/link/;

yea we need configur multiple applications on same port usin based on request urls

justin i solved CORS protection ,
but there is another issue.
see this link :
site load inside iframe
but test commands doesn’t work
[enter] not worked

F.speed = 500;


test(‘basic todo functionality’, function() {
var newTodo = F(’#lst-ib’, 0);
newTodo.type(‘ematec [enter]’);
newTodo.type(‘is [enter]’);
newTodo.type(‘awesome! [enter]’);