DoneJS Contributors Meeting - 2016 - 03 - 11


Last Week:

  • Released 0.4.0 of can-zone
  • Split can-ssr into done-ssr, done-ssr-middleware, done-serve
  • Released done-autorender 0.7.0 for compatibility with can-zone
  • Updated bitballs to use new ssr

Next Week:

  • Working on DoneJS 0.8 prerelease
  • Go through donejs-chat and place-my-order guides
  • Working on allowing alternative DOMs with use in ssr (like jsdom).

Last week:

  • complete can-define missing tests and write tests for stache and components

  • Small corrections in stealjs documentation

Next week

  • Make tests for components pass

Last week:

  • Switched CanJS to CommonJS syntax
  • Started on standalone can/util

This Week

  • Get can-prerelease out with CommonJS + removed mustache and ejs
  • Continue work on standalone can/util

Last week:

Next week:

  • DoneJS generator article release
  • CanJS 3.0 release work