DoneJS Contributors Meeting - 2016 - 05 - 27


Please post topics you’d like to discus.


This Week:

  • breaking up DocumentJS so we can document 3.0

Next Week:

  • Finishing bit-docs and starting to document 3.0.


This week:

  • fixed some grammar issues in Bitballs guide
  • updated Testee dependencies (except Feathers)

Next Week:

  • can-map-define issue with serializing getter values
  • fixing donejs-mocha test.html files for components and modules
  • updating donejs-mocha to use chai

This week:

Last week: Working on StealJS home page additions:

Make a steal-backbone-example app and build out the HTML for the home page mockup.

Last week:

  • canjs/can-react #4 Update react
  • donejs/donejs-react #6 remove sass as a dependency and make the modlet compatible to the canjs component.

canjs 3.0 PR

  • canjs/can-util #21 dom/ajax util does not set “X-Requested-With”

This week:
canjs 3.0 PR

  • canjs/can-view-callbacks #6 show a warning if in tagName a hyphen is missed. Thanks to @cherif_b
  • canjs/can-stache #22 Allow stache partials to support custom context as a second paramete
  • canjs/can-stache #20 Make it possible to assign list/array item to specific variable in #each. Thanks to @taai

canjs documentation

  • canjs/canjs #2408 document the static/dynamic behaviour and working with can-import


  • stealjs/steal #718 default npm algorithm = flat
  • stealjs/system-npm #148 make the tilde (~) working
  • steal/steal #724 it is now possible to have a script-tag with type=“text/steal-module” within es6 code
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