DoneJS Contributors Meeting – 2017-09-22

Please add topics for discussion (and your status if you’re a contributor).


Live Stream:

Last week:

Next week: prep for our first product cycle

Last Week:

  • Bitcentive point decay
  • Bitcentive performance improvement
  • can-compute-memoize

Next Week:

  • ???

Last Week

  • Fixed memory leak issues in done-ssr
  • Fixed CI tests in donejs/donejs
  • Began working on done-ssr zones

Next Week

  • Finish writing done-ssr zones, create some guides on common use-cases.
  • Analyze survey results.

This Week:

Next Week:

  • Finish can-reflect / can-symbol article

Last Week:

  • some improvements on steal-serviceworker
  • steal-bundler minor patch
  • steal-tools optimize bundle and bundleAssets work together
  • steal pwa example

Next Week

  • get steal-tools optimize bundle work on steal PWA example.
  • steal pwa example add manifest.json for device installation

This week:

  • can-stache 3.8/can-view-import 3.2: dynamic imports, and hash keys for the {{#with}} helper
  • Prepared can-reflect-promise for integration into canjs/canjs
  • Removed can-util/ajax/ajax import (& deprecation warning) from can-connect

Next week:

  • Release CanJS 3.11
  • reversible can-stache-converters

This week

  • I was not available to do contributions this last couple of weeks.

Next week

  • Solve issues on CanJS/DoneJS

Attendees: @bmomberger-bitovi @chasen @cherif_b @justinbmeyer @matthewp

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Good idea on the topic time stamps!

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