DoneJS Contributors Meeting – 2017-09-08

Please add topics for discussion (and your status if you’re a contributor).


Live Stream:

Last week:

Next week: my focus will be on launching a landing page for the community survey

Demos: community update blog post, DocumentJS update, DoneJS LA, plugins docs

Last Week:

Next Week:

  • Merge merge merge. All the branches.

This Week:

Next Week:

  • Finishing blog series
  • Helping get survey underway
  • make a streams training video



Last Week:

  • CanJS 3.10.1 - new dev warnings and critical can-view-live fix
  • CanJS 3.10.2 - critical fix for getters using lastSetVal

Next Week:

  • 3.11.0
  • Writing up proposals for potential CanJS features


  • New dev warnings
  • Helped with some prep for the community survey
  • Helped with some error messages
  • Created a script to generate release notes
  • Fixed some broken builds and broken tests

this week

  • making can-ejs work again with steal 1.x (
    you now can use can-ejs as a steal plugin the same way as steal-stache. building your app with ejs and steal-tools work too.

next week

  • integrate steal-serviceworker into steal-tools
  • some code improvements on steal-bundler

This Week

  • Self-referential templates {{>*self}}
  • Documented on:input:value:to for the new binding syntax

Next Week

  • Finish implementing `{{#with first=person.first last=person.last}} syntax
  • CanJS 3.11 Issues

Attendees: @bmomberger-bitovi @chasen @justinbmeyer @phillipskevin @pYr0x @Sinjhin



Deprecate {{#each x as KEY}} in favor of {{#each x item=value num=index}}:

  • We had a long conversation about different ideas for making scope explicit
  • Justin’s going to write a proposal for his ideas

We tabled What should we name -4u? for another meeting.