DoneJS Contributors Meeting - 2016 - 09 - 02



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How about?


@phillipskevin what is there to discuss with that issue? (Not debating its importance, just if there’s something needed to talk about).


For example, where do those docs live.


Last Week:

  • CanJS 3.0 + DoneJS example apps

This week:

  • CanJS issue triage
  • inheritable can-define/map
  • TodoMVC screen cast
  • bugs related to TodoMVC

Next Week:

  • Finish TodoMVC getting started guide
  • Make chat getting started guide

Another topic:


Last Week:

  • can-view-import docs
  • New steal/steal-tools RC releases
  • Migration guide
  • Working on the table-of-contents bit-docs plugin.

Next Week:

  • Open for work.


This past week:

  • fix to the 3.0 upgrade of legacy can-map-attributes, so it doesn’t require being stealt before can-model. (PR still pending)
  • can-fixture: fixture(url, store) pattern now allows list OR item style for url, i.e. ‘/api/foo’ or ‘/api/foo/{id}’
  • Working with a can-connect contributor to get a fix ready for sorting patterns.
  • Removed warnings from stache bindings when you use “{{foo}}” patterns in id and class attributes.
  • Provided team support (various small things).


  • more waffle board P1s

Next week:

  • Expecting to be on client work.



Last week:

Submitted PR #47 for can-util issue #30 (ajax() needs to include abort())

Next week:

Planning to work on can-list issue #12 (can.List.each iterates uninitialised values)


Just basically what the process would be. Like @matthewp mentioned, where would the docs go. Do we want to have a guide for what warnings and errors look like? Do we want to create a module like bit-log or something to handle logging and pointing to error message so each project doesn’t have to do it?


Last Week:

  • can-stache docs

  • IE9 compatibility for 3.0

Next week:

  • Auditing and trying to reduce 3.0 file sizes


Last Week:

  • PTO
  • CanJS build optimization
  • Cross-browser testing

Next week:

  • CanJS 3.0
  • CanJS build optimization
  • Cross-browser testing
  • Code coverage (?)


Last week:

  • Not much thing

Next week: