DoneJS Contributors Meeting – 2016-11-18

Please add topics for discussion and your status.

Live Stream

In Progress Epic Status:



Last week:

Next week:

  • Update the DoneJS Upcoming Events section on the Community page
  • Review StealJS 1 pages
  • Finish putting together more detailed metrics
  • Start looking for more evangelism opportunities

Last Week:

  • Two meetup talks
  • Writing the Mission page and Technical highlights page

Next Week:

  • DoneJS Chicago full day training
  • Writing release article, migrating site.


Current week:

  • can-set #35 (Date types don’t compare correctly): Submitted PR

Next week:

  • Work on can-define #81 (DefineList.prototype should implement at least all ES5 Array functions)

Past Week


  • organized issues, epic and old code
  • got tests passing and CI running

Next Week

  • get CD running on Heroku with master pushes
  • get current bugs and broken bits fixed
  • get models API in order and tested fully
  • get MVP components for creating contribution months working

Suggested Topic:

Switching from Heroku to Now

- similar level of free plan
- individual urls for app testing for every PR or even branch
- a view source for the node side of things
- a static assets server / global CDN


  • at one time I tried “now” and DoneJS apps didn’t work, for some reason
  • ???

Last Week:

  • CanJS 3.1.0
  • Updated Travis setup to not run tests in CI for documentation changes

Next Week:

Rough notes from the meeting: