DoneJS Contributors Meeting – 2016-12-16

Please add topics for discussion (and your status if you’re a contributor).

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Topic - enumerable behavior on DefineMap

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Topic - and

Topic: improve the CanJS home page:

Specifically, I want to talk about moving the “Collections” and “The can Package” sections and going forward with some design ideas from Tom. This is related to the general flow of the website.

Topic: What should be in DoneJS 1.0

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This week:

Can 3.3.0 - “stability” release

  • Created a single place for can-* modules to register themselves (can-namespace).
  • Separated modules that need to have a single state from modules that will change often (can-types, can-cid).
  • Giving explicit errors if two versions of “stateful” modules are loaded in the same app (can-cid, can-types, can-observation, can-view-callbacks).
  • Caused some headache for a few users that ran into the exact issue this is trying to prevent.

Next week:

DoneJS 1.0

This Week:

Next Week:

  • Finally publish can-connect-feathers to the ecosystem.

This week:

Next Week:

  • Starting DoneJS 1.0

This Week

  • Released Steal 1.0.
  • Post-1.0 bugs.

Next Week

  • Steal 1.0 article

Rough meeting notes:

Attendees: @BigAB, @chasen, @daffl, @ilyavf, @pYr0x, @justinbmeyer, @marshallswain, @matthewp, & @RyanWheale

Discussed topics:

DoneJS 1.0:

  • Priorities: CanJS 3, StealJS, improve install times
  • Deferred for another release (1.1 or 2.0?): new generator improvements
  • Steps: update the example apps (PMO, Bitballs, etc.), update the guides, release
  • If we have another contributor available, move to bit-docs
  • Not going to spend any effort trying to reduce the size of the DoneJS repo
  • General approval :+1:

@matthewp’s can-util log proposal:

  • can-util/js/dev/ is a noop
  • Proposal: can-util/js/log/ for messages we want to be logged
  • Use case: can-view-import in a template, if isRejected, no error is logged
  • General approval :+1:

SSR/CSR topic:

  • One point: best to SSR the main content and then CSR the rest of the content
  • Another: hydration speed
  • Concern about separate behaviors for enabling/disabling SSR component rendering vs. how supporting faster CSR
  • For now, not making any big changes related to this topic

StealJS decorators:

  • Custom babel presets aren’t supported by steal right now
  • What is Ember’s support for decorators?
  • Steal doesn’t bundle what’s in babelOptions
  • Feature: support custom babel plugins
    – Adam’s interested in helping
    – Kevin already started working on it in preparation for his .NET presentation


  • It just exports an empty object
  • Four packages require can-namespace to throw an error if they’re used multiple times: can-cid, can-observation, can-types, & can-view-callbacks
  • Blog post idea: one weird trick for how to deal with this issue :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Enumerable proposal:

  • Mistake in the current proposal: .hasOwnProperty() - Same as map.get().hasOwnProperty( propName )
  • One weird thing: get has two uses and still returns a property if it’s not enumerable
    – You still get the value for unenumerable properties on regular JS objects, so we’re matching that behavior
  • Consideration: need another method for getting everything, including non-enumerable
  • @Bajix volunteered to lead the implementation efforts for this proposal

Tabled for next week: Chasen’s ideas for how to improve the website

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