DoneJS Contributors Meeting – 2016-12-23

Please add topics for discussion (and your status if you’re a contributor).

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Last Week:

  • Bitovi stuff
  • Fixed bug with {{#each}} and DefineMap
  • Worked on topic proposals

Next Week:

  • Hopefully DoneJS 1.0

Last Week:

  • Released StealJS 1.0

This Week:

  • A few Steal patches (up to 1.0.5 now).
  • StealJS 1.0 article is being worked on.

I’m on vacation on Friday so won’t be able to attend the meeting. Happy Holidays everyone!

Topic: Node Version Support for DoneJS 1.0

I would be here on Friday, so in regards to @phillipskevin’s topic I think we should poll the community and clients to see versions they are using and how flexible they are about being able to upgrade.

Status last week:

Next week:

Topic: improve the CanJS home page:

Specifically, I want to talk about moving the “Collections” and “The can Package” sections and going forward with some design ideas from Tom. This is related to the general flow of the website.

Last Week:

  • CanJS 3.3.0 - last piece of moving “stateful” modules out of can-util
  • DoneJS generators ~ready for 1.0
  • Started releasing 1.0 alpha releases
  • Hopefully will have SSR working soon
  • steal-typescript

Next Week:

  • Vacation

Hey everyone,

I’ve been working on can-validate recently. Specifically, a refactor based on this proposal.

I’d like to discuss a couple things:

  • can-validate-legacy (3.0 compatible version of what can-validate is now)
  • can-validate suite

The plan is to break out can-validate into parts, following the pattern we’re using with other 3.0 projects. Those parts would consist of…

  • DefineMap plugin
  • Our own validation library
  • ValidateJS library plugin

This might be a lot to talk about so, if we need to focus on one topic, I think how we are handling the different “versions” was a hot topic last time.

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Rough meeting notes:

Attendees: @chasen @cherif_b @justinbmeyer @Macrofig @phillipskevin

Discussed topics:


  • Would be cool to have something like this for CanJS


  • General consensus: :+1:
  • Discussed whether we should have this functionality in the module or in something like can-util/operators/
  • Long term goal: match the JS APIs as much as possible and take advantage of things like Symbol


  • General consensus: :+1:


  • can-validate-legacy: currently a pre-release; docs should be available soon
  • can-validate: break it up into smaller modules
  • Proposal options
    – option 1: more explicit APIs you have to learn about
    – option 2: simplified APIs; lose flexibility of different validators, but that doesn’t seem like a worthwhile goal
  • It’d be great to make this module usable with the decorators syntax
  • We need to expose more of the DefineMap internals for can-define-stream and can-define-validate
    – Need to figure out hooks that could be used for both of them

DoneJS 1.0 supported Node.js versions:

  • We’ll poll the community to see which versions are being used
  • Idea: support the same versions that are maintained by the Node.js community
    Node.js LTS schedule
  • Node.js v4 should be easy to support; only missing out on ES6 features homepage design changes: