DoneJS Contributors Meeting – 2017-03-10

Please add topics for discussion (and your status if you’re a contributor).

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This week:

  • Submitted a PR to overhaul the DoneJS readme.
  • Submitted a PR to fixup documentation of demo-streaming-dev-server.
  • Reviewed the code in this forum post (@roemhildtg’s issue has been resolved).
  • Submitted a proposal to give a talk at the upcoming Chicago Code Camp titled “Creating your first DoneJS application” (will follow the DoneJS chat guide, if accepted).

Next week:

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This Week:

Next Week:

  • 3.0 Training material


  • Rename can-operate to can-reflect

Should a plaintext version of jQuery be appended as part of FuncUnit.

Makes FuncUnit more portable
Potentially easier to use
End-users don’t need to keep track of which version of FuncUnit works with which jQuery

Bloats the code
Deceptive, and counters the doc
Questionable as to which version of jQuery is being used, if users specify a different version.

This week:

  • CanJS 2.3.30
  • Helping with CanJS 3.5
  • donejs add cordova@alpha

Next Week:

  • Releasing final versions of donejs 1.0 libraries

This week:

Next Week

Last week:

Next week:

  • Meetup & conference organizing
  • Reaching out to other blogs to write articles

Attendees: @chasen @daffl @justinbmeyer @leoj3n @phillipskevin

Discussed topics:

Delaying the Templating RFP:

  • Summary: team is still working on DoneJS 1.0, so we’re removing the due date for RFP submissions until we have a better idea when we’ll discuss this topic
  • The goal of the RFP is to collect ideas to foster our discussion, so although we almost certainly won’t pick one RFP and go with it, it’s important for us to collect the community’s thoughts
  • …so please submit your ideas, even if they’re not fully-formed!

Contribution guide template:

Remove plug for Apple:

  • Some non-Apple fans might not like our comparison to them
  • Decision: replace the “plug” with a better metaphor

Rename can-operate to can-reflect:

  • can-operate
  • Reflect API seems similar to can-operate’s purpose
  • Justin will continue evaluating whether they’re similar

Should a plaintext version of jQuery be appended as part of FuncUnit?

  • Discussion deferred to next week’s meeting