DoneJS Contributors Meeting – 2017-02-10

Please add topics for discussion (and your status if you’re a contributor).

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Topic: improving our contribution guides, implementing a code of conduct, etc.

Last week:

Next week:


Last Week:

  • Innovating stability article
  • can-connect-clone

Next Week:

  • Bitcentive guide
  • DoneJS Chicago meetup

Last Week

  • Finished off the new serviceBaseURL behavior.
  • Fixed a variety of live-reload bugs (some caused by the above).

Next Week

  • Most remain bugs are small tweaks to the guide text and such. Will try to get through most of those.
  • Simplying deploy possibly, if we decide to do that.

Last week:

  • Added warning when setting observable children of non-observable objects with can-stache-bindings (resuses same object, removes previous properties)
  • Added inline documentation for can-view-live

Next week:

  • Refactor, and clean up inline docs for, can-view-nodelist
  • Refactor/cleanup code for can-view-live


Last Week:

  • SDC meetup - Module Loaders and StealJS Overview
  • DoneJS 1.0 generator updates - add test for module generator, better error messages for package.json issues, supermodel generators use set algebra, name validation for custom elements

Next Week:

  • Continuing on DoneJS issues

###Last week:

Next week

  • Solve issues on canjs/donejs
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Rough meeting notes:

Attendees: @bmomberger-bitovi @chasen @cherif_b @daffl @justinbmeyer @kdillon @matthewp @phillipskevin @pYr0x

Discussed topics:

Issues @cherif_b is working on:

Encouraging contributions:

A better console for --develop

  • @matthewp build an awesome prototype
  • done-serve --develop --ui curses
  • Ideas:
  • Make it the default for done-serve (once it’s stable)
  • Hide it behind a flag (like the prototype)
  • Make it a separate project

Remove can-connect/tag from guides:

Split up generator-donejs:

  • Pros: makes each generator more maintainable, faster install times, etc.
  • Cons: dev time to split up the generator, not installing “everything” when creating a new app, etc.
  • We’ll discuss this further for a post-DoneJS 1.0 release