DoneJS Contributors Meeting – 2017-02-03

Please add topics for discussion (and your status if you’re a contributor).

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Topic: DocumentJS & bit-docs


This week:

  • Submitted PR to fix #177 (Null values aren’t serialized correctly)

Next week:

  • DefineList.prototype should implement at least all ES5 Array functions. #81


This week:

  • LearnJS talk
  • Built to last talk
  • Built to last article

Next Week:

  • Bitcentive Guide

This Week

  • Working on moving serviceBaseURL configuration inside of the package.json.
  • Updated can-observe to work with Can 3.0, released a 0.1.3, and submitted a PR for inclusion in can-ecosystem.

Next Week

  • Finishing touches on DoneJS 1.0 I hope!


###This week:

###Next week

  • Working on DoneJS 1.0

This Week:

  • removed donejs-deploy from apps generated with DoneJS
  • updated generator-donejs to use yeoman 1.0
  • moved documentjs into donejs-documentjs generator
  • app size 343 MB -> 177 MB
  • removed options from donejs-cordova other than ios/android
  • made development.html use hashchange routing (thanks Ilya)
  • fixed some of the prompts that should be required (name in supermodel, etc)

Next Week:

  • presenting at Software Development Community in Naperville, IL
  • DoneJS 1.0!

Last week:

Next week:

Rough meeting notes:

Attendees: @chasen @cherif_b @justinbmeyer @kdillon @m-mujica @matthewp @phillipskevin @prashantsharmain @pYr0x

Discussed topics:

DocumentJS & bit-docs

  • Not sure when Bitovi will be able to put in effort
  • bit-docs has a better architecture because it uses npm for its plugin system and it works well with static assets
  • We need someone to champion these projects

Proposal: Flesh out .extend ability for components:

  • Open for someone to implement the minimum case: extending a component (without <super> or any other new APIs)
  • Not a priority for the core team

How would decorators work with fields and get/set?:

DoneJS Chicago — Filesystem navigator

Remove the need for the service-base-url module

Improvement to can-util/js/assign/:

Getting DoneJS 1.0 out the door:

  • DoneJS 1.0 Release Epic
  • ZenHub
  • Unassigned issues in that epic are up for grabs, but anyone can chat with the core team to find issues to work on