DoneJS Contributors Meeting – 2017-04-28

Please add topics for discussion (and your status if you’re a contributor).


Live Stream:

Topic: Custom Event registry for can-util/dom/events

Topic: can-globals proposal

Last week:

  • Made improvements to and
  • Worked on bit-docs related issues
  • Worked on issues with steal-css and Zombie
  • PRs:
    • Fixes typos, grammar, and 404s on donejs site
    • Fixes understated em tags on donejs site
    • Fixes issue running steal-css in Zombie
    • Release new version of the doneJS site theme
    • Added missing docs to can-simple-dom
      (I can only have 2 links in a post as a new member :frowning:)

Next week:

  • Continue with issue on 2017 Dev Relations epic

Last week:

Next week:

  • Work with designers on user experience issues on our sites
  • Get the CanJS upgrade codemods project off the ground
  • Write my SitePoint article
  • Continue working on the migration guide blog post
  • Prepare for a few talks I’m giving next month

Topic: can-reflect readiness

Topic: Type checking JS files with TypeScript

Topic: mixed case in stache bindings

This week:

Next Week:

  • CanJS 3.6.0

This week:

Next week:

  • Testing iframe contents
  • generated docMap test harness

This Week

  • Working on steal-tool bugs and steal-conditional

Next Week

  • Work on steal-tools slim epic

This Week

  • Releases for Can-util (3.4.0 then 3.4.1)
  • Work in Can-fixture
  • Generator-donejs 1.0.5
  • Working towards Can 3.6

Next Week

  • Hopefully, Can 3.6
  • Working on Can 3.7
  • Improvements to generator-donejs / donejs CLI

Previous Week:

Next Week:

  • Bitovi week in denver
  • Advanced weather guide youtube video?


  • Signifi visit

Previous week:

  • Opened a PR on can-view-model

Next week:

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Attendees: @chasen @chrisbitme @daffl @justinbmeyer @imaustink @leoj3n @Nils @phillipskevin @pYr0x & Christopher Baker

Discussed topics:

Justin swears he didn’t hang the Signifi devs

Custom Event registry for can-util/dom/events:

  • We need a better API for users to plug into our custom event system (and deregister)
  • Would like to support not just a global registry but individual ones as well, which will be handy for importing events as mixins to templates
  • Idea: return a callback to deregister instead of removeEventListener call
  • Custom Elements registry API
  • Follow-up comment by Chris

Create a can-globals package to handle stateful globals and probably feature detection:

  • can-util has globals for document, window etc. which are writable so we do things like define an object as document for VDOM
  • define call to set a default, then set to change it, then reset to go back to the default provided to the first define call
  • Decided not to add the cache parameter until it’s needed
  • Nice optimization for things like can-util/dom/mutate/

can-reflect readiness:

  • can-reflect will be < 1.0 during development; will hit 1.0 when it’s published with non-pre-release packages

Type checking JS files with TypeScript:

  • TypeScript can check JS files with comments; should we look into it?
  • Yes, would be good to experiment in some smaller packages
  • Would be good to have integration with bit-docs (could the inferred types be used in our docs?)
  • Mentioned Flow

Mixed case event names in stache bindings:

  • Example ($some-event)="doSomething()"
    • 2.3 normalizes to el.addEventListener('someEvent')
    • 3.0 normalizes to el.addEventListener('some-event')
  • Problem: currently CanJS 3 doesn’t support mixed-case event names
  • Solution: special encoding, maybe something like $\\csome\\cevent (\c being a known command to capitalize)
  • Follow-up issue filed by Nils