DoneJS Contributors Meeting – 2017-04-21

Please add topics for discussion (and your status if you’re a contributor).


Live Stream:

Topic: Publishing with Travis CI

Last week:

Next week:

  • FInish the DoneJS 1 release article & publish it!
  • Maybe publish a migration guide blog post too
  • Write the SitePoint article
  • More conference & meetup organizing & prep

This Week:

  • generator-donejs: added license picker and standardized package.json tags
  • donejs: fixed text/images on homepage
  • testee: coverage notes on README
  • canjs: issues for 3.5.2 (now 3.6), tons I won’t spam

Next week

  • Can 3.6

Last Week

Next Week

This week

  • very minor progress on can-reflect
  • started on advanced weather report

Next week

  • in canada
  • DoneJS 1.0
  • advanced weather guide

This week:

  • can-util 3.3.7 - memory leak fix
  • Investigating same memory leak when using jQuery and can.all.js
  • Investigating issue with steal-css and uglify

Next week:

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This week:

Next week:

  • Get tests harnesses working so can continue to write tests.
  • Document all tags in all bit-docs repos.
  • Finish plugin how-to guide.


This week:

  • Submitted PR for #174 (can-define: DefineMap.keys should return serialize: true properties)

Next week:

  • Will pick up something from issues queue

Attendees: @chasen @chrisbitme @daffl @justinbmeyer @Nils @phillipskevin @prashantsharmain @pYr0x Austin Kurpuis & Christopher Baker

Discussed topics:

Publishing with Travis CI:

  • Current process: merge PR, get contributor access on npm, then publish
  • Proposal: publish through Travis CI
    • Don’t need to manage individual access
    • Travis won’t publish to npm until after the build passes
  • Travis runs when a new git tag is pushed
  • Question: is any configuration required if we add this to donejs add plugin?
    • Users will either have to use the Travis CLI or we will proxy it
  • Next steps: document the new flow for the plugin guide

Mentioned: Add default keywords to app|plugin|generator

Upcoming CanJS 3.6 release:

Reminder: ecosystem packages don’t bump the major version of CanJS, so breaking changes in ecosystem packages do not result in a new major version of CanJS.