DoneJS Contributors Meeting – 2017-03-17

Please add topics for discussion (and your status if you’re a contributor).

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Topic: Future of bit-docs, DocumentCSS, and DocumentJS

Last week:

  • Applied to DinosaurJS
  • Other conference & meetup organizing
  • Reached out to some blog/tutorial sites
  • Started syncing our GitHub labels
  • Published New on Recipes!

Next week:

  • Off on Monday
  • Reach out to more blog/tutorial sites
  • More conference & meetup organizing

Last Week:

Next Week:

  • client work
  • update donejs-mocha to support DoneJS 1.0


  • Need help with bit-docs/bit-docs#8 — Empty site folders aren’t cleaned up after a failed run.
    EDIT: Kevin P. set me up with correct version of nodejs to use --inspect --debug-brk, will be learning and playing with that to hopefully complete debugging.

Last week:

Next week:

  • Go through guides to sanity check them.
  • Documentation of the remaining bit-docs plugins

Topic: Should a plaintext version of jQuery be appended as part of FuncUnit.

Makes FuncUnit more portable
Potentially easier to use
End-users don’t need to keep track of which version of FuncUnit works with which jQuery

Bloats the code
Deceptive, and counters the doc
Questionable as to which version of jQuery is being used, if users specify a different version.

Attendees: @chasen @justinbmeyer @kdillon @leoj3n @phillipskevin @Mike_Mitchel @obaid

Discussed topics:

Future of bit-docs, DocumentCSS, and DocumentJS:

  • bit-docs should be able to be repurposed for any kind of static site generation
  • DocumentCSS and DocumentJS can use bit-docs under the hood for their specific use cases

Including jQuery with FuncUnit:

CanJS 3.5 has been released!

There is no good way to represent brackets

  • Problem: simulating typing [shift] because it gets interpreted as a modifier key
  • Solution: need to support escaping, e.g. \[shift]
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