DoneJS Contributors Meeting 2018-08-31 (survey results!)


What’s happening in the world of DoneJS, CanJS, StealJS! Watch here:

In this meeting, we will talk about the OS results.


Last Two Weeks:

  • Routing Guide Updates
  • Rick & Morty Character Search Recipe

Next Two Weeks:

  • Testing Guide
  • Logic Guide ???


  • Making it easier to map Routes -> Components

Last Two Weeks:

Next Two Weeks:

  • Finish core documentation
  • Start CanJS video

Last 2 weeks

  • Fixed some bugs in can 3.x, released can-map, and friends versions of those.
  • Back on incremental rendering.
  • Have H2 support in done-ssr.
  • Close to having incremental rendering 2.0 ready there.
  • Fixed tree-shaking bug when cjs imports es modules.

Next two weeks

  • Continue with DoneJS 3.0.

Last two weeks:

Next two weeks:

  • More documentation!