DoneJS Contributors Meeting – 2018-11-09

Please add topics for discussion (and your status if you’re a contributor).

Live stream at ~8:30am PT:

Last Two Weeks:

  • Published new ViewModel Editor
  • Working on IE11 support
  • Created prototype for CanJS Devtools Panel

Next Two Weeks:

  • CanJS Devtools Panel


Last two weeks

  • Finish canjs support for IE11

Next two weeks:

  • Client

Last 2 weeks:


Last Two Weeks:

  • can-route published
  • can-stache-route-helpers to be published
  • can-pushstate in review

Next Two Weeks:

  • can-stache-converters
  • dev tools UI problems

Last 2 weeks:

  • Working on DoneJS 3 released.
  • Made incremental rendering the default.
  • Updated PMO and DoneJS Chat guides.

Next 2 weeks:

  • Release DoneJS
  • Work on less bug maybe?