DoneJS Contributors Meeting – 2017-10-13


Please add topics for discussion (and your status if you’re a contributor).


Live stream:


Last week: worked on the new sidebar prototype

Next week: work towards finishing the new sidebar

Demo: sidebar prototype


Last Week:

  • Adding can-quues to everything
  • Almost got can-stache working

Next Week:

  • Finish getting queing everything
  • Make queues print nice values


  • Patcher


Last Week

  • Worked on StealJS new topics based design.
  • Circle back to new idea for incremental rendering reattachment.

Next Week

  • Finishing up new incremental rendering reattachment strategy.


This past week:

  • can-observe (use regular ES6 classes as component view models)
    • releasing later today

Next week

  • 3.12 issues


Last Week

  • Added filename and line numbers to stache template errors
  • Started making debug and stack logs prettier, via canReflect name and identity getters/setters

Next Week

  • Continue prettifying errors/traces


  • can-stache errors with filename and line numbers


Last Week:

  • Lazy Values Article
  • DoneJS Silicon Valley
  • Working on Stache 4.0 warnings

Next week:

  • More Stache 4.0


  • Lazy Values
  • Stache 4.0 Warnings



Last Week

  • Working on a React View Models demo (and Steal with React)
  • Worked on SSR “the right way” (SSR any SPA even with incremental rendering) with Matthew

Next Week

  • Continue smoothing out Using React with CanJS, Steal and Done-SSR


Last Week:

  • can-view-callbacks: Don’t warn about real custom elements
  • Bitcentive performance
  • can-stream-kefir: add to can-namespace
  • can-route: Port toString fix to 3.0
  • Bitcentive Add Clients Bug
  • can-compute: Nested instantiated computes do not update the outer compute
  • can-connect: can.Model ‘reload’ does not work
  • can-view-scope: ./ scope lookup should read current scope
  • Serialize Issue with can-reflect

Next Week:

  • Possibly moving to client work


This week:

  • Refactor this PR test for use steal-clone
  • Refactor this PR to be more easier to debug

Next week

  • Continue on fixing CanJS issues


Next Week

  • Presenting Project can-nils
    • Streams as viewModel and dom dispatcher
    • use able with anything that can render html
    • live bindings
    • returns stream of HTML that is livebinded via dom diffing
    • tons more of futures and selling points but wil talk about that in next meeting