DoneJS Contributors Summary – 2017-10-20

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Live stream: we’re on a new every-other week schedule, so come back next week for a live stream with demos and topic discussions.

This week: continued working on the new sidebar

Next week: finish the new sidebar’s implementation

This Week:

  • Added warnings for implicit scope walking and automatic function calling, which will be removed in Stache 4.0
  • Adding a new scope keyword to Stache to hold reference variables, helpers, partials, tags, the current renderer, debug information, and so much more

Next Week:

  • More Stache 4.0/5.0

This past week:

  • can-observe rewrite for CanJS 4.0 (WIP)
  • Converted to hook into can-log/dev instead of can-util/js/dev/dev (can-util 3.10.12 and later use can-log under the hood and most libraries now import it directly)

Next week:

  • More work on can-observe

Last Week

  • Updated the implementation of done-ssr-incremental-rendering-client to automate reattachment, removing the need for the developer to call certain functions.
  • Finished off can-zone-jsdom implementation.

Next Week

  • Get the React SSR guide deployed to
  • Finalize can-zone-jsdom API.
  • Back to issues.